Funny Stories Behind The Front Lines of Capturing a ‘Perfect’ Wedding

caucasian happy romantic young  couple celebrating their marriaMarried couples often look back on their wedding day and remark on what a ‘blur’ it was, from the ceremony to the first dance and cake-cutting, to making the rounds to greet all the attendees at the reception. Maybe the only time they get to slow down and see what their wedding actually looked like is when the photos come back from the photographer — and suddenly everything is much more picture-perfect than they remember.

As any wedding photographer knows, the stresses, disasters, and chaos of a wedding stay cropped out of wedding photos, and getting a peak behind the scenes can be hilariously relatable.

Recently, a bridesmaid named Janessa James spoke with ABC News about working with the wedding’s photographer to achieve that classic ‘windswept’ photo of the bride and groom and experiencing the rather unglamorous behind-the-scenes of photography. The uncropped version of the photo went viral, as it humorously features a blurry James mid-leap, attempting to launch herself out of the frame after she tossed the train of the bride’s gown into the air.

According to the 2017 Newlywed Report from WeddingWire, 63% of brides said they feel pressured to have ‘the perfect wedding’. Serial bridesmaid James is not in that camp, having had enough of being the “go-to” bridal friend. She plans to elope with her hypothetical future husband, insisting “I’m so done with weddings!”

In the social media age, these behind-the-scenes wedding photos can go viral, no matter who you are. When famous photographer Alexi Lubomirski photographed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day, he ran into an obstacle photographers know all too well — wiggly children. A few of the royals’ official wedding photos feature ten toddler family members in the wedding party, including tiny royals George and Charlotte.

So how did Lubomirski keep the wee ones in line for pictures? He took advice from Maria Borrallo, the royal nanny, and used the universal kid bribery technique: candy.

Specifically, ‘Smarties’, which reportedly pleased the royal adults in the room, as well.

While these stories simply sound out-there and humorous to casual readers enjoying a viral wedding photo, photographers can empathize with the commonly tricky and sometimes hilarious processes behind gorgeous shots. Kudos to photographers for having the ability to make couples’ big days look even more beautiful than they remember.


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