Going Green Can Improve Customer Service

For many businesses, customer service is the most important way that clients or customers interact with your company, and any improvement to it should be a welcome one. Rather than making changes regarding employees though, a different method of engaging better with customers is action taken by the company as a whole. Recent research is suggesting that a focus on corporate social responsibility can be an effective way to improve the relationships between your company and your customers.

Knowing and sharing values can open up better connection and communication between a company’s customer service representatives and the customers they serve. The research also finds that employees who know and share their customer’s values makes them more confident and inspired to serve them. So, better corporate social responsibility can identify values in the company and the customer, and this common ground improves customer to company communication which makes employees happier and better equipped to help.

One form of corporate social responsibility that we are seeing more and more of these days is going green. In just one year, transportation was responsible for over 30% of carbon dioxide emissions and over 25% of the greenhouse emissions for the United States. If it suits your business, an easy and effective way to go green is to consider vehicle transport to reduce your company’s carbon dioxide emissions. 

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is probably a popular corporate social responsibility move to make. The climate change debate is one that has been in the news for years now, and The Guardian reports that a new book by Harvard historian Naomi Oreskes and historian Eric Conway supposes what a future Earth may be like if climate change is ignored — and it isn’t pretty. Though it is a controversial debate, it seems that we should work to save the environment, just in case.

Also in recent news, The Washington Post reports that the Environmental Protection Agency is going after carbon dioxide emissions in a pretty big way. The EPA has proposed to cut the carbon dioxide emissions that come from power plants by up to 30% in about the next 15 years. This focus on the removal of carbon dioxide emissions might make sense for your company as well.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service by engaging in corporate social responsibility, going green is definitely a good option. If it is appropriate for your business, avoiding unnecessary transportation and opting to ship vehicles is smart way to go green because of competitive rates, money saving options, and being able to calculate the cost of your needs before you commit to it.

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