Jelly Brings Together a Community of Freelancers in Great Britain

Freelancers and telecommuters in Great Britain have the opportunity to attend the relaunch of the “Jelly” freelancer days next month. The event will be held at The MintWorks in Kendal on Thursday, April 28.
Coworkers in a modern office
Two New York freelancers established Jelly in 2006 after discussing the isolation they experienced while working alone and how it negatively affected their productivity. They invited a group of freelancers to their apartment to work together for the day, and the resulting sense of camaraderie inspired the freelancers to take their operation public in order to make connections with freelancers all over the country.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), Wired Cumbria, and the MintWorks have come together to organize this social working day. The event, which used to be held in The Factory in Kendal, is open to all freelancers and small businesses from any sector. Workspace with tables and chairs are abundant, and the WiFi is fast as well as free of charge.

SLDC Economic Development Manager Joanne Golton commented, “We are particularly looking to attract freelancers, co-workers or other small businesses who are often home-based, to share the space.” She added, “There is also the opportunity to develop new working relationships or chat and collaborate with other small business owners.”
Freelancers at past Jelly events have appreciated the relaxed, informal atmosphere that fosters and supports creativity and collaboration. Jelly organizers want to emphasize that the event is not a convention for businesses to promote their brand or product; it is a gathering for like-minded individuals to share ideas.

In attendance you can find freelancers from diverse industries. Everyone is invited, from writers and artists to the network engineers who design, set up, and maintain the computer telecommunication networks that allow events like Jelly freelance days to happen.

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