New Programs Help Freelance Workers Afford Healthcare and Dental

National healthcare programs are overlooking several important demographics. Freelance writers, contract workers, and entrepreneurs are still struggling to afford dental and healthcare. New programs, like HackerCare, hope to address this problem.

“A lot of people are contractors and freelancers, and a lot of them jump from one startup to another,” HackerCare founder, Gina Lujan, explains. “A lot of startups don’t have a long lifespan, and it takes a few times to get it right. If they belong to a group like HackerCare, they don’t lose insurance in the interim.”

SF Gate adds that HackerCare, and similar programs, are not creating healthcare and dental plans. Instead, they are doing the legwork and researching the ones that are most affordable for freelance and contract workers. HackerCare also helps entrepreneurs and startup employees get the most out of healthcare plans, pointing out the various ways that employees can reasonably afford specialized care and dental work. 

Even young and/or healthy Americans need access to healthcare and dental. Many serious health conditions stem from seemingly innocuous symptoms — or even from a lack of preventative care. Americans can avoid gum disease, for example, by scheduling regular dental cleanings. Staving off gum disease also helps prevent more serious, long-term conditions, such as cardiovascular risks. 

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