Workers See Advantages of Offering Work for Free

will work for free

In 2014, an increasing number of the American workforce is choosing to work for free.

In the new book “Recession-Proof Graduate: How To Land the Job You Want by Doing Free Work,” author and marketing strategist Charlie Hoehn calls working for free “a means of gaining incredible experience, sharpening our skills and learning directly from master craftsmen.”

According to the Financial Times, many people in certain industries are deciding to drop the cost of their labor on occasion if it means it will open up the doors to new customers and clients. Employees of businesses that receive free labor are also likely to speak with their
friends and family about the workers’ brand and discuss their experiences.

This practice has become especially common among workers in creative job sectors, where freelancing is a way of life for many artists and designers. They are motivated especially by the increase in affordable, less time-consuming technology that lets them create graphic designs and other forms of creative media, the Financial Timesreports.

Unpaid internships, once reserved for college students, are also becoming more widespread among post-graduate workers. According to the National Association of Colleges and employers, a significant 37% of unpaid interns receive job offers after their internship has ended, the Financial Times reports.

As the trend to offer one’s work for free continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how unpaid workers impact the U.S. economy.

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