10 Trends We’ll See in Auto Body and Mechanic Shops in 2024

If you’re the owner or manager of any type of auto body and mechanic shop, you’ll need to learn more about upcoming trends that are likely to become more prevalent, especially in 2024. As automation, cybersecurity, and new technologies are developed at an increasing pace, maintaining your auto body and mechanic shop with the right upgrades and updates may be key to your survival and success. The more familiar you become with various trends in the auto body and mechanic industry in 2024, the easier it will be for you to make the right decisions once you’re ready to make upgrades or investments in your business.

1. Integrated Technology

One of the most prevalent trends you’re likely to see if you’re running or managing an auto body and mechanic shop in 2024 involves increasingly integrated technologies. Integrated technologies will make it easier than ever to generate an auto insurance quote with the press of a button or connect with Subaru services for a particular client or customer in need. With the use of the cloud, augmented reality, virtual reality, and even automated diagnostics, there are sure to be significant changes and new trends on the horizon to come.

The use of integrated technology, once you’ve upgraded your own shop, should not be underestimated. Integrated modernized technologies will make it easier than ever to streamline the diagnostics process while also communicating efficiently with parts providers and suppliers instantly and even across the globe. If you’re interested in upgrading your mechanic shop with new technologies, you’ll want to consider the type of work you currently provide and the clients’ needs each time they stop in for a visit or repair.

You can learn more about popular trends on the horizon in the mechanic industry locally at various conferences and even online, depending on the type of technology you’re interested in most. Searching online for various technologies that are suitable for your auto body shop is a way for you to compare features, manufacturers, reviews, and price points ahead of time. The more updated you remain with the latest technologies and releases in the auto repair world, the easier it’ll be for you to settle on new investments that are likely to add the most value to your business.

2. Increased Cybersecurity

If you’re running any type of auto body and mechanic shop today in 2024, it’s likely time to start thinking about investing in increased cybersecurity solutions. This is especially important as cyber hacks and attacks are on the rise in just about all markets and industries today. Similarly to when you’re in need of hiring a car accident lawyer, it’s also advisable to work with a team of cybersecurity experts or programmers once you decide to invest in additional protection for your mechanic or auto body repair shop.

Increased cybersecurity solutions in your auto body shop can include reinforced servers, encryption upgrades, and even transitioning some of the data you’re storing on your own servers to an encrypted cloud service, depending on your needs. Maintaining firewall updates and upgrades and scanning your system for vulnerabilities at all times is also crucial when you’re determined to protect your business from becoming a target of online hackers or data scrapers and thieves. Working with a professional cybersecurity company that specializes in providing services to those in the auto industry is always recommended for the best outcome possible.

3. Subscription-Based Maintenance Services

Whether you intend to offer a towing service or provide car trailer rentals from your auto shop, subscription-based maintenance plans and repair or rental services are likely to grow in demand, beginning in 2024. Using a subscription-based maintenance model for your auto body and mechanic shop is a great way to distinguish yourself from existing shops and competitors, regardless of your location and the saturation of the market at the time. When you opt to involve a subscription-based maintenance service, you can also ensure your clients’ vehicles are well-maintained year-round, which is especially important if you’re living in a region with different seasons throughout the year.

Investing in the development of a subscription-based maintenance service plan is a way for you to move forward with today’s technologies, even if your auto body shop specializes in working on collectibles and older gas model vehicles. With a subscription-based maintenance service plan, you can also promote your business as a location where those in your community can maintain their vehicles at a fraction of the cost or with significant savings, which can help draw them in and boost your location’s reputation.

4. EV Repair and Upgrade Services

If you’re looking for ways to truly expand your auto body shop in 2024, you may want to begin researching EV repair and upgrade services you can offer. For most who are running a mechanic shop that specializes in gas-powered vehicles, new licensing, training, and certification may be required before you can lawfully offer EV repair and upgrade services, depending on where your shop and storefront are located at the time. Offering EV upgrade and repair services will allow you to drastically expand your consumer base, especially if you’re located in a larger metropolitan area or in a region where electric vehicles are becoming more popular than older gas-based models.

If you want to offer EV repairs, inspections, replacements, and upgrades, you’ll need to dive headfirst into the current electric vehicles on the market, manufacturers, and requirements for each. The more familiar you are with the EV market and what’s for sale on the market in 2024, the easier it’ll be for you to determine which services, solutions, and technologies are likely to benefit your business in the long-run. When you’re aware of how EVs are built and maintained, you can also better determine which technologies and pieces of equipment you’ll require to begin offering the services you have in mind.

5. Augmented Reality Diagnostics

Whether your shop currently offers standard tire alignment services or if you work on diagnosing issues involving suspension for trucks, the use of AR, or augmented reality diagnostics will soon be on the rise. Using augmented reality diagnostics tools can help streamline the process of determining what is wrong with a client or customer’s vehicle, especially when working with newer models or, in some cases, even an electric vehicle, or EV. If you’re in charge of an auto body and mechanic shop, you’ll need to carefully consider how augmented reality diagnostics tools can benefit you and the future of your business, based on the market and industry you are in and your current location.

Those who are interested in augmented reality tools, programs, and software programs, will need to take some time to immerse themselves in the industry of ARG programs and AR solutions for the auto mechanic industry. Not all augmented reality tools work the same, which is why it’s essential to learn more about the features and mechanics of each before implementing a solution into your auto shop. The more familiar you are about various augmented reality solutions for your mechanic shop, the easier it’ll be for you to find a program or technology that is bound to help with the streamlining of your operation.

6. Machine-Learning and Automatic Repair

In addition to augmented reality diagnostics tools, there will also be machine-learning and automatic repair solutions when it comes to technologies that may be appealing to you and your auto body and mechanic shop in 2024. Using machine learning, or ML along with automated repair systems can help diagnose and identify issues with a vehicle while attempting to repair the issue(s) themselves immediately and automatically. Not only will this streamline repairs, but it will also reduce the need to have a large crew working with you and for your auto repair shop at all times.

7. Automated Tinting and Painting Services

When you own an auto body and mechanic shop that offers a car tinting service or provides fleet car detailing, you may be wondering how you can go about automating and expediting the process. Streamlining and automating the process of tinting or painting the exterior of a vehicle will soon become more prevalent as robotics and AI, or artificial intelligence, become commonplace in auto body shops and mechanic repair shops. Automated tinting and painting services are optimal if you’re a shop that also offers additional services or if you’re searching for a way to distinguish your shop from the rest available near you.

Investing in automated tinting and painting solutions or robotics is not only a way for you to save time when you’re providing a client with a brand-new paint job, but it’s also a way to do so while improving accuracy and, ultimately, overall quality. When you are using automated solutions to provide painting and tinting solutions, you can do so knowing your clients’ vehicles are in the right hands with software you can trust and rely on. Additionally, introducing brand-new technology such as automated painting or tinting can also go a long way if you’re determined to help market your auto body shop in a unique and modernized way.

To learn more about automated tinting and painting, you can search online or connect with local manufacturers and suppliers who are also involved in the technology sector. Immersing yourself in the cross-section of both auto body shops and programming/technology, can help significantly in finding the solutions that are optimal for the type of mechanic shop you’re trying to run. The more you keep up with the latest trends in technology and mechanics, the easier it’ll be for you to find the right connections once you’re ready to make a new investment of your own.

8. Instant Connections With Outside Service Providers

Whether your local auto shop provides towing services to community citizens or if you provide mobile fuel services for various companies, advanced technologies in 2024 will make it easier than ever to maintain connections and communication with outside service providers at all times. If you’re in need of a new supply of materials or equipment or if you need to contact an insurance agent on behalf of a customer, you’ll have the ability to do so with the modern technologies being introduced to the auto industry today. With various apps, programs, and integrated software tools, you’ll have the ability to manage your client information, materials, and equipment all from one central location.

9. Streamlined Inventory Management

When you’re running an auto body shop or you’re maintaining parts, components, and entire vehicles for your clients, you’ll need to ensure you are using a proper inventory management system at all times. Managing the inventory you have in stock as well as parts or vehicles for clients matters, especially when you’re trying to establish your business as professional and reputable in your local community. Using a modernized inventory management system is a way for you to keep track of inventory levels with the use of a smartphone or computer from any location with an internet connection.

10. Secured Client Data Systems

Managing the information of your customers has never been more important. In addition to protecting your servers with updated cybersecurity protection, you’ll also need to secure the data you are transferring to and from your store between clients and even providers or suppliers you work with each day. Securing client data and information that you’re sending between clients and suppliers is crucial to avoid becoming a target of online data thieves or hackers today, regardless of the size and location of your auto shop at the time. The more vigilant you are when it comes to encrypting data and storing information safely, the less likely it is you’ll be targeted.

Running a modern auto body and mechanic shop requires foresight into the future when it comes to trends that may benefit customers and clients as well as your own venture over time. Whether you’re new to owning and operating an auto body and mechanic shop or you’ve been a mechanic your entire life, keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the auto industry is a must for the best chance of success. When you’re actively engaged with the industry, its trends, and technologies, you can introduce equipment, solutions, and services that are sure to outshine your competition, locally and even regionally.

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