Are You a Freelance Writer? Stay Away From These Common Mistakes

Business People Working on an Office DeskFor those who enjoy versatility, flexibility, and freedom, freelance writing can be a great gig. However, there are setbacks in every job, as the freedom to make your own schedule can backfire. In order to avoid missing out as a freelance writer, the Huffington Post has outlined some common mistakes to avoid.

Not having your own blog

Sure, too much of something has the potential to squash your passion. However, it is important to keep a personal blog not only to reach out to potential clients, but to showcase your services. Blogging is all about building up hype and showing off your style, so aim your personal blogging efforts at growing your audience and developing an online persona.

Wanting to do everything at once

Of course you will want to market your skills and abilities to many different clients. However, bigger isn’t better and trying to fit into many different molds can be exceptionally overwhelming. Instead, it is beneficial to narrow your focus so you can become an expert on one specific genre and in doing so, gain more, and higher paying, clients.

Not cold pitching

Freelance writing is all about not giving up, so it is crucial any writer pitches their material as often as they can. Communicate with companies who you believe will need your services, and see what they have to offer. It never hurts to ask!

Get outside

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we spend 90% of our lives indoors. Take a break once in a while, and get outside for a walk, even if it’s brief. Your creativity and productivity will skyrocket when you come back.

Be confident

A freelance writer relies not only on their skills but also on their confidence to get more work. It is important to explicitly state the services you offer on your website, discuss the benefits you will bring to a company once you are hired, and to be confident when you network.

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