Ask These Questions BEFORE Hiring An Injury Lawyer

The video discusses different questions a prospective OVI attorney or personal injury attorney client should ask before hiring the individual.

Inquiring about the attorney’s licensing is something an interested party should do. The individual should ask if the provider is licensed in the area where the incident occurred.

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Otherwise, legal and ethical representation is not possible.

The second question for the person to ask is whether the client will be dealing directly with the attorney or the case manager. Some people prefer to have one-on-one dealings with an attorney. Such people have the right to decline representation if they are not comfortable talking to the case manager about their cases.

An interested party should also ask a prospective attorney about his or her availability. More specifically, the individual should ask the attorney how quickly he or she will likely respond to the client’s questions and concerns.

Another question to ask an attorney before hiring one is how much experience that person has handling personal injury cases specifically. An attorney should have at least a few years of experience handling such cases before a prospective client can feel comfortable hiring that person.

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