Contractors Face Busy Season of Winter Recovery

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As homeowners start to recover from the icy winter, freelance contractors are finding their services in high demand. Many homes were damaged by relentless ice and snow, and parks and gardens were damaged by deer and other animals that were in search of a consistent food supply. Freelance contractors are being contacted by homeowners and organizations around the United States to help people rebuild after winter.

In Virginia, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is looking to hire approximately 1,000 seasonal employees to work in the State Parks. State Parks Director Craig Seaver released a statement calling seasonal employees the “backbone of our operations.” Seasonal parks employees will spend most of their time outdoors, helping wildlife and visitors alike recover from the long winter.

In New York, the Better Contractors Bureau in Rochester has been fielding calls from frantic homeowners for the past month.

“This is the busiest I have seen in the 20 years I’ve been here,” stated executive director Carmen Santora. Homeowners are looking to replace roofs, repair water damage, and fix collapsed ceilings and damaged drywall. Leaks and mold are other common causes for concern.

“We’re looking at a labor shortage,” stated Rochester Home Builders’ Association CEO Rick Herman, acknowledging that spring is usually busy even without the added damage.

Of course, not every contractor is concerned with winter recovery. In Orlando and other Florida cities, contractors are helping homeowners prepare for summer, instead. Pompano Beach is hosting weekly workshops to help contractors find out if they are eligible to participate in Housing Programs. The Housing Programs rely on licensed contractors to help low-income families bring their homes up to code and make necessary repairs. In addition to more ambitious repairs like roofing, and renovations, contractors will replace screens and doors to help residents keep mosquitoes and other pests out.

Regardless of location or exact reason for repairs, contractors are sure to have a busy and prosperous spring season.

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