Everything You Need to Know About Integrated Pest Management

A pest problem in a garden or on a farm can be a real pain. In this video, viewers learn about integrated pest management (IPM). It has something to do with fighting pests without damaging the environment.

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On top of that, IPM helps protect human health. To do this, it focuses on stopping pests from getting into gardens or farms. There’s also a focus on keeping an eye on fields to avoid surprises.


The key to success is keeping those pests out in the first place. But if they do manage to sneak in, monitoring and evaluation help detect them early. Once the pests show up, IPM helps figure out the best course of action. And if all else fails, intervention is the last resort. It’s the way to go when looking to ensure the sustainable production of healthy crops. And who doesn’t want that?

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The video shows that prevention helps avoid the need for intervention. That way, gardeners and farmers don’t have to worry about a full-blown pest or disease problem. But farmers can’t just go spraying chemicals all willy-nilly. That’s how they end up with agrochemical resistance. Nobody wants that. So, what can people do to prevent these issues? Crop rotation is a great place to start. And there’s optimal plant spacing – plants need their personal space too.


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