Fixing a Clog in a Commercial Garbage Disposal

This video will show you how to fix a clog in a commercial garbage disposal. Commercial garbage disposal clogs occur for various reasons, including inadequate water flushing and releasing food items like egg shells and fruit peels into the drain. How do you fix a clog in a commercial garbage disposal? Contact reputable commercial garbage disposal services to fix any clogs in your drain. These disposal services have the necessary skills and tools to unclog your drain.

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A drain snake is one such tool.
The first step in fixing a garbage disposal clog is using channel-type pliers to open the drain trap. Ensure you are dressed in the proper gear to prevent any drain spillage from getting onto you.
Once the drain releases no more spillage, connect the drain snake to power and release its wire into the pipes. Ensure you turn your drain snake for the wire to go through bends and unclog the drain successfully. Open the tap to release some clean running water into the drain while repeatedly feeding the cable into the pipes for successful unclogging. Reassemble the drain once you are done.

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