How Do Concrete Suppliers Get Started?

Growing a concrete supply business takes a great deal of patience and hard work. This is the main sentiment expressed by Roger Haverkamp, the owner of H&H Concrete on Demand, who narrates the video. He started small, pouring out concrete around swimming pools. After a while, he decided to invest in state-of-the-art volumetric mixing trucks. He had to balance market demand for buying concrete with using concrete for his own contracting work.

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In time, supplying concrete became the mainstay of the business.

According to Roger, the most successful concrete suppliers have a diverse clientele. They do smaller jobs, such as swimming pools and walkways, and larger jobs such as driveways and parking lots. The utility industry is also big business for concrete suppliers. Although they have complex needs which can hold up a truck for most of the day, the concrete supplier is compensated for this time.

You can get into the concrete supply business on a small scale, starting off with a couple of trucks. You don’t need a big office, a large workforce, and major contracts straightaway. The key is to manage your orders and master your equipment. Doing so will set you on the road to success. You now know how concrete suppliers get started.


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