How is Coca Cola Made and Packaged?

On the YouTube channel How It Is Made they feature a video called “How Coca-Cola Is Made In Factories”. The video gives the consumer a look at the production process.

Coca-Cola is made with several ingredients that give it a special flavor and color. The ingredients are high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, and phosphoric acid. The syrup is made from the ingredients used in the soda.

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The rich brown color is created by caramelizing sugar and caffeine is added too. Other flavors used are citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. The company has rigorous standards for mixing, bottling, and capping the soda. They use specialty equipment for bottle closure inspection and to test ingredients during the bottling.

Carbon dioxide is added to the soda to create fizz and carbonation. This is evaluated to ensure consistency. Bolling is automated and bottles are first washed by machine, filled with Coke, and capped by machines. Samples are assessed through his process for quality and consistency. They test whether the caps are on correctly by using specialty equipment for bottle closure inspection. Production and quality control of Coca-Cola meets the highest standards. Coca-Cola is a quality product recognized around the world. Their creative marketing contributes to their success.


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