New Uber-like App For Home Repairs And Services


It is said that 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more every day, and while there are plenty of plumbing contractors out there that can fix such problems, homeowners should always have more options. And professional plumbers could always use a little extra income.

Enter the freelancing home repair and plumbing app, Homee.

Homee was developed by a Tampa company of the same name, says Doug Schaedler, co-founder, and CEO of Homee Inc. It is an “Uber-like” app for home repair, a reference to the very popular ride-sharing app. The Ledger reports that the app became available last year, and so far more than 35,000 consumers have downloaded it, including 25,000 in Florida.

The app gives the users access to more than 2,000 companies across major urban areas in the U.S., making repairmen and women available nearly 24/7. So far the app has made its debut in cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

The first year for the app was very successful, generating some $1 million in revenue. The app takes a percentage of the total repair bill, ranging from 5-20% depending on several factors. These factors include time of service, type of repair, and distance traveled. It’s important to note that by simply using salt, you can repair and clean all kinds of items and appliances around the house — especially if you’re hoping to shine copper items!

Homee currently covers all of South Flordia, from West Palm Beach to the Keys, as well as major cities like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Gainesville. So far, about 850 companies and contractors have signed up in Florida alone.

One of the first people to sign up for the app was Jimmy Skeens, who operates a handyman service under his name in Plant City.

“They’ve been keeping me busy every day,” Skeens said.

According to Skeens, his company has seen an increase of 15-20% since he started partnering with Homee. He has gotten jobs including installing and repairing dry wall, laying carpet and floor tile, and simple repairs to electrical and plumbing systems.

The app also features a rating system that allows customers to rate companies for their services, which Skeens is very impressed with. He says he’s earned five-stars, the highest rating, the majority of the time.

Each company featured by the app is given a thorough background check to ensure they’re reputable. They have to be licensed in their home state and carry the required insurance. Homee even checks court records for mentions of each company.

On top of that, “Homee itself is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor,” Schaedler said, “and it offers a $1,000 guarantee on all repairs.”

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