Older Employees Seek New Opportunities and New Jobs

Job in the Employment Section of NewspaperThe new year has brought with it plenty of new opportunities for those hoping to find a new job or career path. If you are looking to score a new gig, you are not alone.

According to Time magazine, around 40% of workers with decent experience in their field are looking to land a new job in 2016.

The AARP states a desire for higher pay as the main driving force behind seeking other employment. Many employees can expect upwards of a 10 to 20% increase in salary when starting a new job; in some rare cases, they can experience a bump of up to 50%.

While job-hopping seems reminiscent of the Millennial generation, baby boomers and Gen X are following suit, though for different reasons. Many Millennials will swing from job to job to help climb the ladder and test out different industries. Older employees are often looking for higher pay or a more stable position.

If you are one of these many older employees, Time recommends giving yourself time and space to do plenty of research into job openings and businesses you may be interested in pursuing. Also, be patient with yourself and your endeavors — re-positioning your career later in life can be a long and arduous path but one that may lead to greener pastures.

The New York Post caught on to the upward trend of job hopping among employees of all ages and devised a list of hot job markets right now. The fields they chose included digital marketing, management consulting, hotels and hospitality, health care, and tech start-ups.

The digital age has helped create an incredibly adaptable job market that is prepared to handle a new wave of talent, age and experience aside. With employees of all generations exploring new career options, the job market is going to prove ever-changing in 2016.

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