PodShare Spaces Allow Mobile Workers to Co-Work and Cohabitate

Coworkers in a modern office In today’s busy and mobile world, communal, collaborative spaces are all the rage. From rideshare ventures to collaborative workplaces, Millennials have found way to live life on their terms, with less expensive accommodations that are both more flexible and environmentally friendly.

And now, communal spaces are reaching next-level heights in Los Angeles, with hostels that duly function as living quarters and coworking spaces popping up all over the city.

The venture, dubbed “Podshare,” first opened in Hollywood in 2013. The idea is simple, combining the simplicity of co-living with the convenience of coworking. Now, Podshare has taken off, and according to Curbed Los Angeles, there’s a whole little Los Angeles empire of these co-living spaces.”

Currently, the company has locations in Hollywood and the Downtown Arts District and will soon be opening another location in Los Feliz. The PodShare model entails an open room with a number of bunk beds, shared living quarters and space to do work.

And what’s perhaps even more wild than living in a workspace with dozens of strangers is the reason why the creator of Podshare founded it in the first place: to stop being so lonely.

“I started it to cure my own loneliness, so I never had a night without friends,” creator Elvina Beck told Vice Motherboard.

Beck currently lives in a Podshare space herself with “with 23 ever-changing roommates,” and practices what she preaches, using the space to co-work as well.

However, the PodShare living space is not a free-for-all. Perhaps one of the more vocal rules is the “No PodSex” rule that prohibits boarders from engaging in sexual activity with one another.

While these spaces continue to pop up around the city, like other similar startup ventures, the venture still needs time to incubate. For example, AirBnB has encountered multiple safety and liability issues in their short running. Let’s just hope that the open share spaces have automatic fire sprinklers in case of an emergency, which can prevent overall injuries and death by as much as 50%.

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