Recovering Wastewater

Hot water can be the biggest waste in any facility. Homes, apartments, hotels, and restaurants all produce hot water, and much of that hot water is actually wasted. In this video by AEPowerHouseTV, they explain a product that can help all of the above facilities save on wasting away hot water.

A wastewater heat reclaimer takes the energy from hot water that is wasted and uses the energy to heat new water. As the hot water is poured down the drain, it uses heat reclamation to heat up the water that is inside a different tube wrapped around the drain.

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This process captures the energy of the previously heated water, which helps save you and your energy bill from heating new water from scratch.

Another benefit of a wastewater heat reclaimer is that it can be compatible with almost every system. If you’re looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home, a wastewater heat reclaimer is for you. Or if you need to cut back on waste in your business or at your hotel, this is a product that you need.

A wastewater heat reclaimer also works on its own and does not need any additional parts in order to operate, making it an easy and affordable solution for your home.

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