The Basics Of Fire Protection For Commercial Facilities

When you break down the fire protection for commercial facilities you can see three clear parts. The first part is water storage tanks, the next would be pumps, and finally, the third part is a network of pipes.

The water tanks can be found at ground level, underground, or on top of the building itself. These tanks must always remain full to ensure that they could be used at any given moment.

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Depending on the type of building that you are looking at there might be different size tanks. A school is an example of a light hazard, a factory is an example of a medium hazard, and a firework factory would be an example of a high hazard.

The pumps have their own room and are found next to the fire tanks. The pumps are important because the firefighters are able to use these to distribute water. A network of pipes is crucial to the fire protection of a building. Every building has pipes that distribute themselves through each and every room. Covering every room allows for the pipes to be ready with water anywhere in the building at any given time. The water tanks, pumps, and pipes all work together to create a system of fire protection.


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