This ‘Uber for Taxes’ Startup Raised $2 Million in Funding

Taxfyle, an on-demand freelance tax and accounting service, recently closed a $2 million financing deal with investors Jeff Ransdell Group and Jonas Tempel of Beatport. It’s a big step for a relatively new company.

Taxfyle is a Miami-based startup, which started up just two years ago in August 2015. Like so, so many other companies, Taxfyle hopes to copy Uber’s model, connecting consumers to potential tax experts though a mobile application.

According to the Miami Herald, Taxfyle launched its first app in January. The app allows freelances, consumers, and small businesses to better handle their finances in a secured way.

The typical American owes tens of thousands in debt at any given time. For instance, Americans who finance cars have an average of $17,966 in auto debt alone. Add in credit card debt, mortgage payments, and student loans, and many Americans struggle to keep track of their finances come tax season.

Taxfyle announced in mid February that they reached $2 million and recently launched version 2.0 of their app, which the company says provides even more financial mobility to its users.

“We started Taxfyle because we saw an entire segment of the population that needed expert tax services, but didn’t have the resources or time to hire a top-notch CPA or accounting firm,” said Richard Lavina, CEO and co-founder of Taxfyle.

Along with their potentially disruptive mobile app, Taxfyle also places an emphasis on being an eccentric business. In typical hip-startup fashion, the founders reportedly play ping-pong during job interviews.

“When we first started the company and it was just the co-founders, we had all this space in the office. So we set up a ping-pong table. All of a sudden, the founders got really into ping-pong. Getting onto that board,” Lavina told CNBC, adding, “it’s like you’re getting indoctrinated into the Taxfyle culture.”

CNBC reports that the first thing that Lavina and other employees do when they show people around the office is play a game on one of their two ping-pong tables in the office.

“We’ve handled everyone from recent college grads to multi-millionaires, to small business owners and freelancers,” said Lavina.

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