Treating a Minor Fracture

It’s easy for people to panic when they’re suffering from a broken bone or fracture, but the range of treatments does vary widely. While most fractures heal within six to eight weeks, minor fracture treatment is different from how someone would treat a major fracture.
First, you must diagnose the fracture through the use of x-rays.

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It’s worth pointing out that stress fractures may not be visible through x-rays, which means that you will need to go through a bone scan. This will show you where and how the bone is broken. From there, you begin treatment. Generally, and depending on where the break or fracture is located, the patient will use a splint or a plaster cast. The patient also needs to rest for the duration of treatment. For instance, a broken foot can’t have weight put on it during the doctor’s recommended time frame.
Everyone’s injury is different, between severity and location of the fracture. So, patients need to listen to their doctor’s advice for treatment, following those orders to make sure that they get the best possible results.

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