Ultimate Guide to Different Stones for Engagement Rings

Different kinds of stones can be used for engagement rings, whether for side stone engagement rings or single stone engagement rings. But according to the video, colorless diamonds are the most common stone people pick for their engagement rings. However, diamonds are expensive; which other stones can people opt for?

The first alternative to diamonds in engagement rings is amethyst. This purple gemstone isn’t as durable as a diamond, but it’s more beautiful.

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It works best as the main piece in side stone engagement rings while surrounded by colorless diamonds.

The second pick for engagement ring stones is sapphire. This is typically a blue stone, but it’s available in other colors such as green, pink, white, and yellow.

The third pick for engagement ring stones is morganite. This stone is very pretty and feminine, and according to bridalmusings.com, it’s one of the most common stones for engagement rings.

The fourth pick for engagement ring stones is moissanite. This stone is perfect for people who want the glamour and hardness of diamonds for a fraction of the price.

The fifth pick for engagement ring stones is tourmaline. This stone’s color is derived from a blend of three or four colors, but the green variant is the most common.


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