Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

While businesses tend to focus on their product and services, making a profit, and helping their customers, they must not overlook the importance of taking good care of their employees. An essential aspect of this is workplace diversity. If you are unsure of what that actually means and what it looks like, then this video is for you. In this video, you will learn about equity and inclusion in addition to diversity and learn some of the best practices to implement them at your business.

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To begin, it’s important to understand that diversity is the collective experiences that all people bring to a community or business. It is not the number of people that belong to a specific race or gender. Likewise, inclusion is the value of a person’s background. One does not automatically assume the other. Finally, equity and equality are not the same and are quite opposite. Equity understands the differences in people and makes decisions based on their differences whereas equality aims to make everyone the same. In all of these cases, people are not the same, and this basic notion is the stepping stone into true workplace diversity.


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