What Are Some Inexpensive Ways To Create Portable Hand Washing Stations

If you would like to create a portable hand washing station or want to find some inexpensive ways on how to set up handwashing stations in public places quickly, here are some ideas discussed in the ‘Handwashing Stations – 6 inexpensive ways to wash your hands outdoors’ video:

Old Drinking Water Dispensers

The main advantage of using a plain drinking water dispenser is that it already exists in most homes. In public areas, bringing in additional equipment may not be practical or possible.

Old Water Jugs

There are very few instances when people need to use distilled or sterilized water for effective hand washing. In circumstances where there is no other water source available, plain old drinking water will work just fine.
Empty Detergent Containers

Laundry detergent containers could hold soapy water or plain rinse water.

Video Source

They can also be filled with clean water for rinsing the hands.

Drinking-Water Tank

The drinking water tank to create portable hand washing stations can be done by attaching a faucet at the bottom, causing the water to trickle out when people are washing their hands.

Many people do not have a place for a sink nearby, making keeping their hands clean harder. Proper hygienic measures like washing hands must be taken to prevent contagious infections.

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