What Does A Staffing Agency Do?

Staffing agencies are wonderful for matching potential job candidates to companies in need of their skill sets. A staffing agency will recruit employees on the behalf of employers needing their positions filled by candidates who are a cultural fit as well. Let’s learn a little more about what staffing agencies do.

Companies work with staffing agencies for both temporary and long-term workers. Temporary jobs have job seekers working with companies on a short-term basis.

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These positions usually last for a number of weeks or even months, depending on the position’s needs. For direct-hire jobs, the staffing agency essentially acts as a client’s personal recruiter. These pursuits are specifically for companies looking to hire long-term employees.

There is an additional category called temp-to-hire jobs. Temp-to-hire jobs mean an employee will work for a staffing agency’s client on a short-term basis to determine whether or not the employee and client are a good match for long-term employment. If the job turns out to be a great fit for a person’s skill set, interests, and career goals, they will then become a full-time employee with full-time benefits and expectations.

To learn more about the functions of staffing agencies, click the video we have linked above.


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