What Happens During a Boiler System Treatment?

Why is boiler system treatment so important? What chemicals do you need to treat a boiler system? How often should you treat a boiler system? All of these questions will be answered in this video. If you have a boiler system at your home or your business, it’s important that you understand how to treat it, so you can ensure you continue to get hot water throughout your home.

The chemicals he uses in this video are Fernox F3 central heating cleaner and Fernox F1 central heating protector. Each of these chemicals has its own use, but both of them help the boiler system increase its efficiency and increase its life.

Video Source

The Fernox F3 central heating cleaner helps to remove sludge and scale, while the Fernox F1 central heating protector treats the water. Both of these are very important chemicals for this cleaning treatment, but you must be safe when using them, so you are not harmed during this proces.

Watch this entire video to see the step-by-step cleaning process of this expert’s home boiler system. He even changes the filter before starting the cleaning treatment, so you can learn how to do that as well.


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