What Should You Never Put in Your Recycling Bin?

Recycling is a good thing. It can help the environment since it reduces waste, and people can reuse things. But there is some confusion about what belongs in a recycling bin. This video from Boston’s WBZ Channel 4 went more in-depth about what ends up in industrial recycling bins and what wound up in a landfill.

The reporter both went out on the street and to a recycling plant to get the definitive answer. He even gave impromptu quizzes to see if people knew what they should and should not put in their bins.

Video Source

The video showed tons of recycling material being loaded onto a conveyor belt with people sifting through them and removing cardboard and magnets grabbing cans for recycling.

One thing that should not go into bins are items that can gum up the machines and halt the entire process. People have even sent in bowling balls and boots. Neither of them are recyclable, along with plastic boas and children’s toys. Coffee cups are not recyclable either due to their having two different types of material.

Ultimately, people learned what can be recycled – including that greasy pizza box. Just don’t have the pizza in it, too.


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