What Supplies Do You Need for a UPS Transfer in a Critical Data Center?

Cloud computing and the Internet are as important to our lives as food and water. Numerous people are streaming shows from the cloud on smartphones, for instance. This requires immense storage in data centers.

These centers require uninterruptible power supplies or UPS to keep the servers and other components running continuously. The Markey video shows us what data center supplies are necessary to keep running.

It Starts With A Generator

During a power outage, you and I would get out the batteries for power. The machinery that perpetuates the Internet and the cloud, however, needs more than just batteries to keep businesses, health care, and communications on the air.

Video Source

Generators are used to switch from the UPS to alternate power in a matter of seconds without a blip in the power continuum.

Power and Critical Loads

Maintenance on the UPS involves a safety meeting detailing the steps to be taken in safely transferring power to the generator so the UPS can be repaired. Next, the generators are engaged in order to handle critical IT loads. A static bypass transfer is then used to isolate the UPS for maintenance. Now the UPS module is isolated and can be repaired.

Now Markey Group professionals reverse the steps in order for the UPS to resume support of the critical IT loads.

Data center supplies aren’t important when viewers are streaming Yellowstone, but they are when the show is interrupted. We hope this video helps you to understand.


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