Why Refractory Anchors Are Important for Boilers

Your boiler repairperson just told you that there’s a problem with your boiler’s refractory anchor, the part mentioned in this video. According to the service personnel, you need this immediately repaired. You may wonder if they tell you the truth since you’ve never heard of this part. Let’s take a look at what it is, and why it’s important.

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A tiny piece of metal, the refractory anchor, takes on many shapes to hold in place various cabling, brick, or ceramic fiber lining. This small device resists heat decomposition and pressure, making it helpful in the efficient operation of a boiler. Comprising part of the thermal barrier between the heat and container, in this case, your boiler. The refractory anchor comprises one of the boiler’s most important parts.

The expansion tank, backflow valve, safety valve, and supply and return lines might sound more familiar, but they can’t do their job effectively without the refractory anchor. Your technician told you the truth, and your boiler maintenance requires replacing a refractory anchor that broke or went bad. Installation of this part requires a professional. The boiler should return to normal function once the service personnel replaces the refractory anchor. Look online to find a company near you that can help.


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