Thousands in Puerto Rico Still Waiting for Temporary Roofing

Worker on a roof with electric drill installing red metal tile on wooden houseEfforts to put temporary roofs on those homes of those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico have been halted due to a dispute over a government contract.

According to CNN, the Army Corps has a program called “Operation Blue Roof.” What “Operation Blue Roof” does is provide a temporary roofing solution for those who were impacted by Hurricane Maria more than two months ago.

Since the hurricane, 17,672 roofs have been installed. However, that is only 26% of the 66,906 individuals who have applied to the program asking for help. These roofs are used as a temporary solution while people figure out what they’re going to do about a permanent cover. Many will turn to metal roofs. In fact, a metal roof can save a homeowner as much as 25% of their annual energy bill, which is why it’s a popular choice.

John Vandiver, the contracting officer at the Army Corps, says that in November, the Army Corps tried to hire more contractors to double the speed of their work. However, the request was denied and additional contractors have not been hired. This means that efforts to continue the work haven’t been processed.

Patrick Loch, a spokesman for the Army Corps, spoke about the efforts to hire more contractors and get people the temporary shelter they need.

“We understand that people are living in tough situations, but it’s important for your readers to know we are working as hard as we can — 12-hour days, seven days a week,” Loch said. “We continue to look for contractors to up our numbers.”

On November 21, a contract awarded by the Army Corps was given to the Power and Instrumentation Services and Ceres Caribe to lend a hand to “Operation Blue Roof.” However, on December 4, the contract was disputed by bidders who say they haven’t been given the federal business.

For now, the Army Corps is in the process of drafting up a required legal justification that will help restart the work amid the dispute.

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