Self Defense Insurance is Vital Heres Why

The YouTube video “Overview of the Right To Bear Self Defense Insurance” perfectly explains the importance of self defense insurance. For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s a category of insurance coverage that protects firearm owners against lawsuits if they need to protect themselves by using their firearms. There are different types of coverage under this term that essentially provide gun owners access to a network of defense attorneys in the event of a self defense incident.

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What Does Self Defense Insurance Cover?

Self defense insurance is known as carry coverage and is intended for law-abiding citizens who own a licensed firearm. Many self defense insurance plans give some assistance related to legal fees. This, however, differs from plan to plan and how much coverage is taken out. There are various reasons to justify self defense insurance, including that licensed gun owners will have peace of mind if they need to protect themselves after a case of self defense.


Gun owners are protected should there be an accidental discharge, hunting accident, or during sport shooting, liability insurance, and criminal defense protection. These are some examples of why this coverage is vital for gun owners. Another great benefit of being covered by self defense insurance is that clients have access to education and training related to gun safety, amongst other types of gun training.


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