The 60-second interview: Adrian Chen, freelance reporter and New Inquiry editor

CAPITAL: After spending four years and breaking some top-notch stories, you left Gawker. Do you regret or miss it? Do you wish Max read to know where John Cook left as an editor in chief?
CHEN:  I could never forget the time I had spent in Gawker but I do not miss it. To me, Max Read’s Gawker is supposed to be a bastard child of But, I am sure that it would improve in few months to come.
CAPITAL:  There are plenty of reports on advantages and disadvantages about freelancing.  Have you ever enjoyed it? Besides, what you have been doing as an editor?
CHEN:  I am enjoying the world of freedom. Freelancing is such kind of job where there is no pressure from the officials. It gives me enough liberty and sense of dignity which can never be availed from enterprises. In this business, I am my own boss. I dictate myself to complete the task. What else one wishes in life? Apart from this, I work as an editor voluntarily. This helps me to improve my professional expertise. Believe me, I get bunch of proof reading projects in free time and it also a good source of income.
CAPITAL:  you were the first person who covered bitcoin crypto currency story before the media organizations began to focus. What did you that it had to be media favorite?

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