Tiny Homes Becoming Popular Option for Freelance Builders

Tiny homes, thanks to DIY and HGTV programs, are becoming popular around the country. Freelance builders, like Jose Gaytan, is a big fan of these shows and was even inspired enough to build his own tiny home.

The Independent reports that Gaytan, 38, of Grand Island, is building the tiny home for fishing trips.

“I like to fish,” said Gaytan. “I got fishing fever when I moved to Nebraska 18 years ago.”

Dayton has been a freelancer for six years. He does landscaping, window and door repair, framing, drywall, concrete work, siding and roofing. Typically, a home with a 2,200 to 2,600 square foot roof will cost homeowners around $1,000 to $4,000 to fully replace. Because roofers charge by one 10 foot-by-10 foot square increments, replacing large roofs can get very expensive. Small homes, though, require much less structural work.

The interior of Gaytan’s tiny house is about 40% complete and the exterior is about 70% finished. His home is only eight feed wide and 18 feet long. Built on a double-axel mobile home trailer, he can both live in this tiny and comfortable home, or attach it to his pickup truck and drive his house to various fishing destinations.

“One-bedroom apartment on wheels,” said Gaytan, referring to his nearly finished tiny home.

Many people have been electing to live in these tiny homes over the last few years because of cheap expenses and more opportunities. With less expensive homes, people can live mortgage-free and can relocate whenever they want. They have the option to do things they could never do if they had costly mortgages.

With a toilet, shower, generator, closet and pull-out king-size bed, Gaytan’s home has much better accommodations than a tent.

“Between sleeping on the ground and sleeping on a king-size bed,” Gaytan said, “I’m going to go with a king-size bed.”

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