Will GoDaddy’s New System and Products Help Freelance Designers Better Manage Their Clients?

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For years, critics have claimed that search engine optimization, or SEO, was ineffectual, dying, and doomed to soon be a lost art. Defined as the process of structuring a website to increase its ranking on search engines like Google, SEO has persisted despite all rumors to the contrary. Now, a major name seems to be lending the industry some credence: GoDaddy recently launched a program to help web designers and developers manage client projects, a change that could be extremely beneficial for freelancers, small businesses and medium-sized organizations alike.

There are reportedly 645 million page views of local pages in the United States in an average week, meaning that competition for attention is a serious matter. As any freelance web designer will know, website design is a key feature in attracting these page views. Accordingly, many people will search for freelance developers and designers when it comes to outsourcing SEO for small businesses, taking advantage of their expertise and relatively flexible services. Unfortunately, these freelance employees don’t always have the resources or manpower to organize many of these projects as conveniently or cost-effectively as they might like.

That’s where GoDaddy’s new program comes in: called GoDaddy Pro, the system and its related products include features, programs and technical support services specifically designed for web developers who find themselves spending more time managing clients and their sites. With these controls, developers can manage domains, hosting, site builders, email, SEO and SSl certificates. GoDaddy Pro even lets developers send clients shopping carts filled with the products they need, as well as manage client products from a dashboard with automatic site monitors and other regulatory controls.

The launch of this system follows the company’s acquisition of Elto earlier this month. Formerly known as Tweaky, this San Francisco-based company was designed to help non-technical small business owners connect with qualified developers to build their websites and products, developers who were carefully qualified and vetted by the company. GoDaddy Pro seems to be operating in the same vein, but now focuses on improving the experience for the developers instead. Already, a number of developers have spoken up about the system, calling it a more convenient way to manage several accounts at once.

GoDaddy, in turn, has released several statements about their new product’s focus on web designers and developers, calling it a solution for a diverse number of potential users.

“Many Canadian small businesses rely on web designers and developers to build a reputable, professional presence for them online,” Jill Schoolenberg, vice-president of GoDaddy Canada, said in a statement. “With GoDaddy Pro, we are providing web experts the tools they need to get customers online, grow their online presence and conduct business around the world, 24/7. From purchasing power and ease, to client dashboard management and security, GoDaddy Pro helps web professionals keep their customers happy.”

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