Freelancers Lend Local Voice to Upstate NY Tourism Site

catskill mountains

A new tourism site highlighting Upstate New York is using freelancers to give its content a local touch, as well as inviting others to chime in with their advice.

“Upstate New York with all its beauty and vitality is the most underrated geography in the nation,” Syracuse Media Group President Tim Kennedy said. “Our team knows Upstate. We think others will want to see and read what we see and share their own experiences.”

The website, (also, was officially launched May 12 by the publishers behind, a major online hub for the Central New York region.

People not acquainted with the lush forests, dramatic canyons and refined wine country of Upstate and Western New York might be surprised to learn that tourism is a big industry for the state even far outside New York City.

Data compiled by Tourism Economics in 2012 showed that tourists spent $57.3 billion in the state (and generated $92 billion in sales).

Since New York City reported visitor spending at $34 billion that year, roughly $23 billion must have been spent in tourism upstate. will cover everything in the state that’s north or west of New York City. Topics will include camping (as of 2011, campers spent 534.9 million collective days camping in everything from tents to luxury cabins, averaging 12.6 days per person), concerts, food spots, breweries and more.

“Whether you are looking for the thrill of zip-lining over the Catskills, discovering where Buffalo Wings began, catching a New York State Fair concert or visiting the shrine of baseball in Cooperstown, NYUP can offer options,” the site’s welcome post reads. “‘Dreamland’ you might call it. A place that can fulfill almost any vacation you desire.”

And although the site’s content was largely developed by staff writers, Kennedy is confident that giving freelancers and locals a voice, as well, will ensure visitors get the perspective they’re really looking for.

“We designed something with an insider’s voice,” he said. “Travelers always want to know what the locals think. Local insight coupled with photos of the beauty of the state. That’s what we deliver.”

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